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Director + Producer / "Echoes of the Attack" - Short Film                                                                     April 2024

Director + Writer + Producer / "27 Club" - Short Film                                                                  December 2023

Costume Designer / “In REM" - Short Film                                                                                     December 2023

Costume Designer / “Sundowning" - Short Film                                                                            November 2023

Costume Designer / “Early June" - Short Film                                                                                     October 2023

Costumer / Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction"  - TV Series                                           June 2023 - August 2023

Director + Writer + Producer / “Potential Energy” - Short Film                                           December 2022

Costume Designer / “Metamorphosis” - Short Film                                                                      November 2022

Costume Designer / “Sofia Jane” - Short Film                                                                                      October 2022

Developmental Intern / August Point Productions                                                June 2022 - August 2022

Costumer Designer / “Hot Cheetos For Layla” - Feature Film                                 May 2022 - June 2022

Director + Writer + Producer / “Dress” - Short Film                                                                                  May 2022



27 Club - A Short Film

A 27-year-old filmmaker's perception of success and identity are challenged as he struggles to make a retirement video for his grandmother. 

Starring: Bradley Beachum, Katharine Shaw, Quincy Isaiah

Produced by: Collin Viator, Heather Clark

Director of Photography: Jonathan Banach 


Potential Energy - A Short Film

Mixing alcohol, recklessness, and toxic masculinity ends in tragedy for three college roommates. 

Starring: Hayes Golightly, Pierce Abplanalp, Riley Burt

Produced by: Collin Viator, Eric-Ezra Vazquez 

Director of Photography: Rita Tsao 

Dress - A Short Film

Shawn struggles with self-expression and coming to terms with his own gender identity and is put in a situation where he must decide what matters most to him.

Starring: Josh Goudy, Collin Viator 

Produced by: Collin Viator, Matteo Leva 

Director of Photography: Rita Tsao 

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